Operation School Bell

osbOSB provides children in need with appropriate assistance to enhance self-esteem, to promote learning and to encourage regular school attendance.

Ruth Ann Montgomery of the ASSISTANCE LEAGUE (R) of Bakersfield (CA) saw many children in need. Her response was the genesis of OPERATION SCHOOL BELL, which became the national philanthropic project of NAL in 1998.

Locally, teachers from several Flagstaff elementary schools who partner with the OPERATION SCHOOL BELL program identify children in grades 1-6 who are in need of clothing. New clothing or JC Penney clothing vouchers are distributed to the children monthly.

Flagstaff Elementary schools served include:

  • Cromer
  • De Miguel
  • Kinsey
  • Leupp
  • Marshall
  • Puente De Hozo
  • Seachrist
  • South Beaver
  • Thomas
Flagstaff Middle Schools served are:

  • Mount Elden Middle School
  • Sinagua Middle School
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