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From the President…

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This has been such a busy year for ALF. I remember last January/February we were all worried that our sales had fallen and we were not able to display as much furniture, so what happened? As everyone told me these are the slow months and things will return to normal soon, and so they did. We not only had a record year, we had record weeks and record days.

Here are some of this year’s activities:

We gained some members and lost some.

Suzanne with the help of her minions has Cedar Closet sparkling with new paint, new shelves, etc. She got the outside painted and other items completed to make it save for our members and customers. So many customers say this is the best thrift shop in town!

Ann Blue is actively working on a new web site for us, as well as publicizing our many activities.

The Homeless Help Program has been functioning for about a year and from all reports is greatly appreciated by the recipients, plus shopping for them has benefited the Voucher Program.

We are about to gain a new committee. After a lot of soul searching and angst, Alpine Auxiliary has decided to become the Alpine Committee, thus relieving their members of a lot of the administrative roles they needed to function. They will continue to sponsor Hug-A-Bear, ASK, welcome baskets for Sharon Manor residents, as well as take on monthly projects in the Cedar Closet. Personally, I think this is a win-win for both the Auxiliary members and Chapter members.

Operation School Bell continues to thrive as do the remainder of our Philanthropic Programs.

After all of our financials are in, I am proud to announce that we returned 73.9% of our income to the community. Everyone, give yourselves a big hand, this is remarkable.

Our summer ladies have mostly migrated back down to the valley, and they will be greatly missed and joyfully welcomed back next summer.

Della is planning a great Christmas Party for December 10th at Jake’s on the Green. Jake’s has been bought out and will undergo renovations early next year and have a new name. So, let’s have a last wonderful party there with as many of you as possible at- tending. Hopefully, some of the summer ladies will be able to make an appearance.

Lastly, THANK YOU all, for what you do for the community of Flagstaff. We live here, we work here, and we give back here. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, see you all at Assistance League of Flagstaff next year!


Charlene Young, President

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