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Local History

ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Flagstaff was formed in 1978 with 35 charter members. Since then, the Chapter has grown and emerged as a strong force in the community. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer service organization, EIN 86-0371898. Today there are more than 93 members. ALF sponsors ten philanthropic programs which serve the needs of children and adults in Flagstaff. The Alpine Auxiliary of ASSISTANCE LEAGUE of Flagstaff was established in 1997 to provide professionals an opportunity to complement the community service of the chapter. The Auxiliary became a chapter committee in 2014.

National History

NATIONAL ASSISTANCE LEAGUE is a non profit, non-political, non sectarian service organization that recognizes the potential of volunteers helping others. It links community volunteers across the nation through Chapter membership and provides opportunities for community service and leadership development.


The history of NATIONAL ASSISTANCE LEAGUE begins with the great 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Founder Mrs. Hancock Banning (to the left) observed and was deeply moved by the plight of persons ineligible for assistance from then existing relief organizations, so she organized the “ASSISTANCE LEAGUE®” of Southern California as a relief unit. This relief unit, an outgrowth of the Red Cross Shops of World World I, continued its volunteer activities, eventually to become the first chapter of ASSISTANCE LEAGUE in 1919. Her philosophy of personal service was: “To act as a friend at any and all times to men, women and children in need of care, guidance and assistance, spiritually, materially, and physically.” This continues to be the purpose of NATIONAL ASSISTANCE LEAGUE.

Gradually ASSISTANCE LEAGUE expanded its service to the community, specified its philanthropic philosophy, and in 1935, it became an organization with a nationwide focus as NATIONAL ASSISTANCE LEAGUE. Chapter expansion was rapid with chapters forming across the United States from Hawaii to New York. Chapters continue to be formed today. New chapters are first formed as a guild, and then are chartered as a chapter. Chapter formation is based on the needs of the surrounding community, rather than the population of the area. To learn more about this organization, please visit NAL’s web site for additional information.

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